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Startup Lawyer in Israel

Startup Lawyer in Israel

Exiting the COVID-19 crisis brought new life to the Israeli market in general and startup industry in particular.

Following the slowdown during lockdowns and business paralyses, there are now plenty of business opportunities and hard work would bear fruit.

Any startup manager knows that to succeed they have to work with the best professionals, those who could really contribute and improve their business status.

In working with a professional not through a personal recommendation, at first it’s hard to trust them and believe they would be devoted to us and give their ultimate resources necessary to do the job in our favor and achieve the best possible result.

Startups have enough challenges on their plate in struggling for recognition and proving their business model, and the last thing entrepreneurs need is to police the professionals they hire – or worse, frequently replace them.

A good startup legal professional is a commercial lawyer with an aggregate set of characteristics: comprehensive legal abilities alongside commercial understanding, experience in counseling international businesses and entrepreneurs of various fields, understanding in business strategy, marketing sales and distribution, excellent negotiations skills, fluent English, understanding of contract laws, companies laws and much more.
The lawyer’s personality is of equal importance and they have to be pleasant, tolerant and far-sighted.

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Israeli startup lawyer Dror Harel

Adv. Dror Harel specializes in providing unique legal services to startup companies that need to be understood and awarded a special comprehensive service to support their business growth.

Our firm counsels startups throughout their interactions with their stakeholders, including vendors such as marketing and content companies, service providers of any realm, strategic clients, investors, employees, shareholder agreements, private issuances and so forth.

When any business engagement by the startup is taken seriously, it is made through a written agreement that uncompromisingly expresses any interests.
That is the only way the startup could grow into a strong, solid company and the contractual infrastructure in which it invested would create a business certainty crucial for the company’s strength and that of its investors.

Investors, financing banks, vendors and clients always keep a watchful eye on budding startups.
Therefore, you have to know how to work with these entities with respect and understanding and interact with them on the right level to convey earnestness, responsibility and assertiveness.

Stakeholders look for entrepreneurs that are visionary and creative but also modest, grounded and surrounded by leading, trust worthy associates and professionals.

Legal counsel for startups in Israel

When a lawyer counsels a startup, they have to be 100% committed and utilize their entire experience.
A commercial lawyer’s recommendations are invaluable, since they are crucial to the company’s future.
Legal negotiations over a collaboration agreement with another company could provide the company with the runway to success, while compromising when it comes to important clauses could be devastating and jeopardize the company.

A lawyer counseling a startup has to care for each and every detail, large or small.

The Dror Harel Law Firm provides startups with an exceptional service.
That means that adv. Dror Harel is always there for you, to envelope your need for a 360 degrees service.
In brainstorming towards important decisions, counseling on how to do things, negotiating with clients over the phone, through Zoom or during meetings, drafting Hebrew and English contracts and designing and planning the strategy and business model.

You cannot go half way in counseling startups.
The job should be viewed like a construction job.
If we stack the bricks the wrong way, the building will be crooked and it will not be able to soar.

An Israeli startup lawyer to counsel the company

Our firm never settles for “sort of” or “maybe”.
We do whatever it takes and give our heart and soul so that entrepreneurs are legally covered and the work is done to the highest standards with no compromise or waiver.

Many entrepreneurs that own internet and industrial startups seek adv. Dror Harel’s help and involvement in their work, to lead them to safety.

His business understanding and experience in counseling companies enable adv. Dror to suggest excellent ideas to his clients and lead them with a sense of being part of the achievements.

Every startup experiences ups and downs and everyone goes through a learning curve.
Running a startup company is always emotional and you cannot distance yourself from the situation emotionally.
Such a company’s lawyer should also know how to tackle a potential crisis and be available to help at any time and under any circumstances.

Legal counsel for startup companies in Israel

Only a lawyer that understands businesses and has a personal experience in entrepreneurship, complex business, contracts and corporate law could counsel business clients.
A business client wants to see that their lawyer understands the challenges they face and provides them with real solutions that help them progress, succeed and prosper.

A business client funding legal expenses also wants to reap the benefits in the short term through achievements in negotiations with the other party, protecting the company, improving the contracts, strategic counseling before important business decisions, building intellectual property, non-compete, confidentiality, etc.

As a lawyer representing business clients, adv. Dror is forthright and speaks his mind in any transaction and move.
If it’s doable, albeit complex and challenging, we push on and run the distance, but when risks overshadow the business feasibility the client needs to hear that and reexamine their moves and alternatives.

Analyzing opportunities is an important aspect in providing legal counseling to startup companies.
Often, a client could tell the lawyer of a great opportunity they want to exploit and the counseling lawyer has to examine it and recommend the way to do it.
Clients love to be assured by a lawyer that the move is legally sound and the risks calculated.

In reality, many lawyers refuse to recommend opportunities involving any risk, since risk aversion is part of the legal profession’s DNA.

That is not the case with businesses; on the contrary.
Therefore, lawyers counseling startups have to both recognize the right legal way to make the business move and instill in their client the confidence to dare.

Entrepreneurs pay business lawyers not to nip their ideas in the bud, but to pave the safest way to realize their dreams.

Some transactions involve hardships alongside amazing odds, and it takes a lot of experience and courage to execute them and recommend pushing forward and not giving up.
Obviously, if anyone could see and do it, it wouldn’t have been relevant anymore.
Not anyone could and would take the risk to reap exceptional rewards, and for that you need strategic associates you can trust with anything.
Do not hesitate to call our firm and learn what we could do for your startup in Israel.

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