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A Local Israeli Attorney

Why choose Adv. Dror Harel as your Israeli lawyer

Israel consists of much more than Tel Aviv and the central region, therefore we opened additional offices, where a local lawyer provides a high quality, personal service to their neighbors.

Adv. Dror Harel operates not only in Tel-Aviv, but also in Rehovot and Rishon LeZion, specializing in various legal fields at your home town.
Our offices specialize in filing monetary claims, drafting contracts, buying and selling real estate and residences and civil law – commercial and litigation.

Now, you could get top quality legal advice from a local attorney, so there’s no need to travel all the way to the big city such as Tel Aviv.
Adv. Dror Harel lives nearby and is a part of the local community, and therefore committed to uncompromising legal service and customer service to maintain the firm’s reputation.

In a relatively small town, a local law firm wants its clients to keep returning to it over time when they need various legal services.
Unlike law firms in Tel Aviv or Ramat Gan, a smaller town, local law firm has a lower client turnover which allows it to devote its undivided attention and time to each client, as personally and professionally as necessary.

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Please leave your contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible

All of the benefits of working with a local attorney

A local attorney will give their all to the legal case they received, so that the client will be pleased and recommend them to their family and friends.
That’s how things work in smaller communities in small to medium sized towns.
When a client is happy with their local lawyer’s work, they will stay loyal to them forever and would love to recommend them to others.

The client-attorney trust is the most basic component in legal
relationships and services. Usually, these are sensitive personal, familial or business issues and the legal service will greatly impact the client.

Therefore, local advocate Dror Harel handles each case as if it was his firm’s only case, with the utmost care, sensitivity and determination to do well by the client, improve their status and quickly and efficiently get them the necessary achievements they defined during their joint meetings.

Our local, small town offices deal with the following legal fields

  1. Various contracts and agreements: leases, residence sales, commercial business agreements such as: agreements with service providers, agreements with clients and vendors, investment agreements, distribution and marketing agreements, loan agreements and much more.
  2. Legal handling of contract breaches.
  3. Wills and inheritances: local advocate Dror Harel files motions for inheritance orders, drafts wills and files probate motions.
  4. Drafting letters of demand and notices prior to legal proceedings to collect debts or stop damages from being caused.
  5. Incorporating LLCs, partnerships, registering non-profit organizations and legal counsel concerning the preferable legal incorporation manner in each case.
  6. Enforcement claims and monetary claims before courts of all ranks.
  7. Counseling and handling the sale and purchase of businesses and companies.
  8. Neighbors’ disputes before the Commissioner of Lands.
  9. Buying and selling residences.
  10. Incorporating LLCs, partnership agreements and Hebrew and English commercial contracts.

The manner of legal service at our local offices

Obviously, whenever a local resident needs to consult a lawyer before obtaining legal services for a certain issue, they should approach adv. Dror Harel and come to a consultation meeting.

During a consultation meeting at the office, we analyze the legal issue and pick the most appropriate strategy to safeguard the client’s personal interests.
That means tailoring the service that will lead to the most efficient and quick result possible in cahoots with the client and while receiving the legal advice from the attorney concerning the move’s feasibility, profitability and potential results.

Adv. Dror Harel’s offices are always glad to assist their clients in any query and request and provide them with legal services in their specialty fields.

Contact us for additional details and legal consult by a local lawyer.

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