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Clients that seek residential properties for private or investments purposes, (rightfully) expect a lawyer to instill in them the confidence that the transaction is feasible.

Sometimes, to thrive and grow there is no such thing as 100% and that is why you hire a professional that could hedge the risk and find creative legal solutions to overcome the challenges.

Dror Harel is a real estate lawyer in Israel who handles purchase and sale transactions of used or brand-new apartments, houses, lots, stores, industrial buildings and so forth.

A real estate lawyer has to create the right legal way to make the move and provide their client with the confidence to dare.

A real estate lawyer also has to warn their clients when they realize that the property’s planning-registration status, contract terms or any other reason create too much of a risk to enable the purchase.

Real Estate Lawyer in Israel

Clients do not hire a lawyer to tell them why the transaction is risky and impossible and thus kill their dream, but to be creative and provide them with a solid legal structure to realize their dream, as long as it’s safe enough.

The COVID-19 crisis created many opportunities in the Israeli market, and buyers could find properties with slight difficulties but also an amazing profitability.

To execute such a deal, you have to be experienced and resourceful and have a lawyer at your side, supporting you and seeing the bigger picture with you.
Obviously, transactions anyone could identify and perform are too costly or competitive.

Law firms to accompany real estate transactions in Israel

If you are looking for a law firm in Israel to provide you with a professional, reliable service when you purchase or sell an asset, the Dror Harel Law Firm will provide you with legal services of the highest standards.

Adv. Dror Harel is a seasoned Israeli lawyer, with an executive MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The firm is highly experienced in the real estate field, with its various aspects and clients accompanied in purchase or sale transactions are provided with unprecedented counsel and service in anything to do with the legal negotiations over the contract with the other party, to guarantee any interest of any importance, including decisions over the necessary assurances, comprehensive escort in the process of taking out a mortgage, registering rights with the Land Bureau and much more.

The trust between a client and their real estate lawyer is the most important component in legal matters.
Real estate transactions always entail large amounts of money and a roof over one’s head. The lawyer has to give their all, in both energy and personal abilities to reach the best, safest transaction for their clients – and there is no room for “sort of” or “maybe”.
Only a perfect execution should be acceptable.

In addition, the lawyer should be familiarized with Israel, the relevant government authorities, previous similar transactions, contractors, banks, etc.

In conclusion, Israeli real estate lawyer Dror Harel handles each transaction as if it is the only one handled by his firm, with the utmost care and determination and all for his clients’ interests, to quickly and efficiently get them the best possible conditions and safely close the deal.
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