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Dear entrepreneurs & business owners, hello and welcome to my website.

They say it’s lonely at the top.
Executive positions and managing an independent business as an entrepreneur or businessperson are roles that often leave you feeling isolated.
You constantly have to make very meaningful decisions where a great deal is at stake.
These decisions have financial ramifications, and they affect the business and its employees and heighten the exposure to risks.

Alongside the desire to grow, thrive and prosper despite economic hardships, there are always the concern and deliberation whether we made the right decisions.

A talented Israeli business lawyer, seasoned in managing businesses and providing them with legal counsel could be there for you – just a phone call away.
Imagine that before any meeting, negotiation, employee termination, merchandise order, collaboration with another company etc. you could consult with a business lawyer in Israel and get their fresh, original advice on the spot to best handle the business situation.

Sometimes, the distance between success and failure is short and one solid advice could tip the scales in your favor.

What kind of an Israeli business & commercial lawyer am I?

My name is Dror Harel and I have been a business lawyer in Israel with a special expertise in legal counsel and service in anything concerning businesses for more than 12 years.
I also earned an Executive MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

My expertise in legal work for businesses is the fruit of my actual, personal experience in the positions I filled over the years, including business entrepreneurship, companies’ establishment and new businesses’ development, marketing and businesses development management for long-standing, famous companies, and of course legal counsel to companies and businesses of various fields such as: companies manufacturing food and beverages, consumer products, health products, distribution companies, manufacturers and plants, service provision companies and much more.

The companies I assist as a business lawyer in Israel produce food and beverages available in any famous Israeli chain store, including: Shufersal, Rami Levy, Yochananof, Victory, Hazi Hinam, Nizat Haduvdevanm private health food stores and much more.

Any reasonable reader realizes that these companies I assist as a business lawyer in Israel hire employees, lease offices, warehouses and production halls, obtain services such as design, manufacture, branding, advertising, promotion, insurance, print,  SEO, and have to safeguard their intellectual property, deal with many vendors and distribution companies, execute investment agreements with investors who purchase shares, founders agreements between shareholders of partnership agreements, non-compete agreements and so forth.

I handle all of these actions and many others for my clients as a business lawyer in Israel.
A major rule is that only when you perform a certain role you can really get a handle on things and realize what it takes to do your job well.
That personal angle and real experience are priceless, and fortunately I am familiar with both sides of the story.
From the legal perspective due to many years of work as a business lawyer in Israel, but from the practical perspective too thanks to establishing and managing real businesses in Israel.
I understand the heightened sensitivity in negotiations with a special vendor or new client, that on one hand we really want to work with but on the other hand we have to maintain basic rights and conditions to avoid harming the business.

A business lawyer’s ultimate combination of a commercial understanding with a legal ability

That is exactly where my special added value as a business lawyer in Israel lies – in the ability to both provide my clients with their commercial, businesses interests and safeguard them legally and thus successfully meet the goal in the best possible way and assist the business in growing safely.

As an entrepreneur and businessman, I established companies for myself and my partners and wrote contracts with vendors and clients for companies I owned.
As a legal counsel, I attended numerous meetings and negotiations between companies and strategic partners to draft joint venture agreements and so much more.

That is why I’d love to hear from you which legal service you require from a business lawyer in Israel and how can I be of assistance.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of services a business lawyer in Israel provides their clients:

  1. Legal counsel before establishing a new LLC, licensed dealership or partnership.
    Tailoring the best legal framework to the envisioned activity and business model.
  2. Current legal counsel before any action and decision.
  3. Caution letters to debtors.
  4. Preparing claims for Small Claims Courts, handling monetary claims or statements of defense in court.
  5. Handling commercial leases.
  6. Completing formal forms for government authorities, annual reports to the Israeli Registrar of Companies.
  7. Drawing minutes and maintaining proper corporate governance.
  8. Preparing documents for banks, signatory rights, affidavits, etc.
  9. Establishing LLCs, partnerships or foundations.
  10. Counseling in the prevention of legal disputes between the partners, particularly in family-owned businesses.
  11. Handling any issue concerning employees, labor law, employment agreements, non-compete, confidentiality, safeguarding equipment and vehicles and so forth.
  12. Counseling vis-à-vis banks and insurance companies.
  13. Additional legal services according to business needs.

An Israeli business lawyer specializing in business agreements and contracts

One of the main, most important abilities a business lawyer needs is the ability to translate any business’ business needs into a well-crafted legal agreement with the other party.
Such an agreement will guarantee the commercial interests at the heart of the contractual engagement, alongside maximum legal protection in case things go wrong.

A seasoned business lawyer drafts contract clauses that motivate the other party to act fairly and meet their contractual obligations.

The business lawyer’s experience in handling contracts is of vital importance.
A lawyer who handled more agreements over the years has more experience and legal knowledge of important mechanisms and clauses that could serve their clients.

I have been a business lawyer for companies and businesses in Israel for the past decade, during which I handled hundreds of various business agreements and gained a great deal of experience in contractual negotiations and achieving any commercial and legal objective the clients demanded.

A business lawyer has to listen carefully to their client, be part of the commercial negotiations and draw contracts that precisely manifest the business demands, incentives for meeting obligations and efficient compensation mechanisms in case of breach or early termination.

The need for a business contract as a manifestation of the parties’ wishes and obligation cannot be taken lightly.
Things that seem clear and certain now could turn on their head later on, and in the absence of good business contract any party could completely ignore what’s expected of them and their promises.

Never sign other businesses’ agreements that weren’t thoroughly examined by your own business lawyer.
Agreements that weren’t designed especially for the business by a business lawyer could entail depriving, harmful and dangerous clauses that will render the business commercially inferior.

A good business lawyer never settles for clauses that jeopardize the business, and assertively and sensitively negotiates with the other party and demands alterations, modifications and additions that reflect their clients’ needs.

The Dror Harel Law Firm is at your service for any business need you might have in Israel.
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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