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Israeli Commercial Lawyer in Tel Aviv

Alongside its many virtues, Tel Aviv is also considered Israel’s business capital and a hub of commercial activity.

In fact, Tel Aviv and its surrounding cities are home to the vast majority of Israel’s businesses.

Retail and wholesale businesses, consultancy and service businesses, clinics, startup and tech companies are all active in Israel’s central region and all with no exception require the services of a commercial lawyer.

Creating a business’ legal infrastructure

Every business needs legal infrastructures and services, not just in case of a dispute or claim as most people believe.

In fact, every company is a legal entity that has to be duly incorporated and registered.

Later on, every business operates by virtue of various agreements, from the partners’ agreement through the store\office\workshop lease agreements and obviously agreements with vendors, service providers and clients.

The business world is a thick jungle affected by licensing and regulation and almost all businesses require current advice on both commercial and non-commercial issues.

For instance, agreements and contracts are legally binding documents, but they also carry a great commercial importance.

A contract with a vendor or a key client could turn out to be critical to the business.

Details such as payment and credit terms that are not integrated in an agreement in a way that reflects the business’ conduct and flow could drive it into a spin it will struggle to get out of.

Therefore, an excellent commercial lawyer is invaluable.

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A commercial legal framework

Really good commercial lawyers will always look at the bigger picture beyond the legal issue or service, and examine each action through its commercial prism as well – does the contract anchor the business’ intellectual property?

Does the agreement provide the business with the necessary flow space and collaterals?

These are just two examples out of dozens of legal commercial issues that a seasoned commercial lawyer, such as advocate Dror Harel handles for their clients.
Adv. Harel and his seasoned team are there in you for any legal commercial query you may have – so do not hesitate to contact them.

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