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Looking for an Israeli lawyer specializing in drafting contracts to provide you with a professional service for a fair price?

Adv. Dror Harel is a seasoned contract lawyer, who deals with the professional drafting of contracts in various fields and holds an Executive MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

עורך דין מסחרי ריטיינר

Golden rules for contract lawyers

  1. Be daring during negotiations.
    Think creatively and demand for your client business and legal terms that will improve their position under the contractual engagement.
  2. Be assertive yet sensitive and patient to find the best way to close the deal and sign the contract.
  3. Carefully draft contract clauses the parties will find easy to understand and implement.
  4. Draft only terms that will be admissible in court.
    The contract should contain no populist terms that will be un-enforceable in court and even harm the enforceability of other legitimate contract clauses.
  5. Make sure that should the contract be breached, the court will readily understand the contract and rule in favor its enforcement and sanctions for the breaching party.
  6. When in doubt – don’t leave it out.
    Draft contract clauses to handle even extreme, rare scenarios.
  7. Include an easy, effective dispute settlement clause mandating mediation or arbitration attempts before any party goes to court.

COVID-19 clauses – draft contract clauses allowing the client to freeze the contract and payments upon the occurrence of unusual events such as a quarantine or economic crisis.

The added value

A well known rule of thumb is that a good contract that serves its owners cannot be an “over-the-counter” product easily suitable for any person and situation, or a contract downloaded of the internet that might look sufficient to an untrained eye.

A common misconception is that someone’s personal situation could easily be expressed by a contract drawn for someone else.

Just like there is no limit to the amount of faces in the world, there is no limit to the various situations and characteristics of any transaction; therefore, each transaction requires its own original contract.
That is a contract lawyer’s only way to really loyally serve and defend their clients.

A professional contract lawyer with an added value handles each contract as if it is their own private business.

While any contract has a framework of generic and even obligatory terms and clauses that will always be there, such as a jurisdictional provision, the way to deliver notices, compensation for a breach, damage liability and so forth, an under-professional legal counsel will add on to that framework the parties’ main covenants as described by their client and no more, but that’s not the way of a responsible contract lawyer.

A contract lawyer with an added value doesn’t just write their client’s main issues and commercial covenants.

An expert contract lawyer could provide their client with the most meaningful added value in doing their job, so that the contract will considerably improve the client’s personal and business status vis-à-vis the other party during and following the contract term, much more than they thought and planned before they approached the contract lawyer.

A contract lawyer – examples of added value

COVID-19 lessons taught business owners that they should maintain a flexible business model and control the business’ fixed expenses as much as possible, since you never know what economic crisis and business interruption will rain down on us yet again.

A contract lawyer representing a large client will advice them to include in a service contract with a small provider a “COVID-19 clause”, that will allow them to terminate the contract “for convenience” at any given moment at their exclusive discretion and with no need to provide reasons, or with a 30 days’ prior notice at most.

Alternatively, a (different) contract lawyer with an added value representing the small provider will demand that the “COVID-19 clause” will only gain force after a minimal term during which the contract will be valid (for example, 8 months) or after a minimal aggregate payment of a certain amount (for example, NIS 100,000) – to guarantee the parties’ earnestness and make sure the provider will at least repay the initial engagement expenses and investment when setting up their layout to serve the large client.

Thus, one party benefits while the other wants not, and all thanks to an expert contract lawyer.

A contract lawyer specializing in a particular legal field

To get the best legal service, pick a contract lawyer specializing in the legal field pertaining to the subject matter of the desired contract.

For example: for an apartment purchase contract, contact a contract lawyer specializing in real estate.
For a commercial lease contract for a factory, store or industrial building, contact a contract lawyer specializing in real estate or a commercial lawyer.
For a contract for the license to use a registered patent, contact a contract lawyer specializing in intellectual property.
For a distribution contract between a product distributor and stores, contact a business lawyer.

Only a contract lawyer specializing in your particular field could utilize their professional experience to provide a high quality legal service with minimal risks, maximal protections and a forward-looking perspective.

Drafting unique, innovative clauses for clients

People know that to protect their rights and get what’s theirs they should hire an experienced contract lawyer that can give them good advice, assist them through negotiations and get them the best deal.

A contract lawyer investing special personal resources in their work can create for their client unique, innovative clauses that could significantly improve their client’s business and legal status.

For example, a contract lawyer specializing in the business field and handling a distribution agreement for their client will enrich the contract with special, high-quality clauses so that even their client that gained many years of experience in distribution will be pleasantly surprised with the lawyer’s creativity.

A contract lawyer has to delve into the finest details of the contract’s legal subject matter, so that their client will get the best representation and legal protections.

Therefore, if you are contemplating any contract, you should only contact a contract lawyer dealing with that field and specializing in handling and counseling in that field for many years.

How to choose a professional contract lawyer?

  1. Make sure the lawyer is experienced in your relevant field.
  2. Meet with the contract lawyer and ask them to give examples of their work in the field and similar cases they handled.
  3. Use the consultation meeting with the contract lawyer to evaluate the legal analysis and possible solutions raised for the various issues concerning your matter.
  4. Consider the contract lawyer’s education, experience and personality to form an opinion of their suitability to your cause.

Dror Harel & Co. – an Israeli law firm specializing in contracts

The Dror Harel & Co. Law Firm provides professional legal services in the contracts field in a wide range of subjects.

Inter alia, the firm deals with subjects such as: counseling firms and handling their contracts, commercial contracts, real estate contracts and counseling real estate transactions.

The firm handles contracts in both Hebrew and English, such as: real estate contracts, lease contracts, commercial contracts, provider contracts, client contracts, employment contracts, business collaboration contracts, loan contracts, partnership contracts, shareholders contracts, distribution contracts, storage services contracts, service provision contracts, investment contracts, concession contracts, partners contracts, non-disclosure contracts, non-compete contracts, management contracts, intellectual property contracts and much more.

As part of the legal services a contract lawyer could advice in and handle, there are lawsuits based on contracts, such as: a claim for damages due to breach of contract, a claim to enforce a contract, a monetary claim due to breach of contract, injunctions based on a contractual undertaking, declaratory orders based on contracts and much more.

Please, feel free to contact the firm and receive preliminary advice with no strings attached regarding the contract you need.
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