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Internet and Hi-Tech Lawyer in Israel

Internet and Hi-Tech Lawyer in Israel

Our firm represents both local and international internet and high-tech companies and counsels them at every stage of their business and legal activity, starting from the company’s establishment, including strategic alliances, collaboration agreements, intellectual property rights’ registration, through fundraising, private investments and private issuances.

The firm is highly experienced in representing online companies and drafting the commercial contracts in English that internet and high-tech companies need, such as: various collaboration agreements, agreements with vendors and service providers, content purchase agreements with global companies, license agreement and so forth.

In recent years, the firm has formed a unique specialization in legal and strategic handling and counseling to firms specializing in the management of digital assets, such as: counseling websites, online stores, companies that own leading social media digital assets such as Facebook pages with millions of followers, Instagram pages, YouTube channels, famous domains, etc.

Often, companies that manage digital assets have to execute lease and usage agreements concerning those assets and use monetization, banners and ads on their pages to leverage and exploit their potential and thus generate revenues.

Our legal and business counseling also includes drafting strategic agreements, such as: collaborations, distribution, license agreements, intellectual property and much more.

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Of the great importance of counseling internet companies in Israel

An internet lawyer experienced in counseling companies that operate mainly online plays a crucial role in their success in negotiations with strategic partners in Israel and abroad.

Within their business activity, online companies routinely have to sign many commercial agreements with their vendors, large clients and strategic partners.

Foreign companies are natural strategic partners for Israeli internet companies in need of current legal counseling, since companies with parallel or interfacing business activities could assist their success abroad.

Almost every online and high-tech company shoots for the large global market and does not settle for the Israeli market, which is limited by its size.
Therefore, the quality of the company’s strategic management is of great importance in its business dealings with parallel companies in its target countries so that it could expand its business activity.

Trade relationships with foreign internet companies are impossible without a series of commercial agreements regulating the parties’ collaboration, rights, obligations and legal liability.

A commercial agreement for an internet company is multifaceted, and amongst its main facets are preserving the company’s intellectual property even when a third party is awarded licenses or usage rights, rules governing monetary transfers, exclusive jurisdiction provisions, legal liability limitation, determining necessary achievements by milestones and much, much more.

The social media’s overwhelming success over the past decade gave rise to a wide range of online companies that base their activity on social media platforms.
Only a high-quality, professional legal counsel relying on a proven experience in counseling internet companies could assist those companies in safeguarding their interests when faced with the social media’s dynamic terms of use that are constantly updated according to regulation and events in the real world.

Current legal counseling is crucial for internet companies, even in the day-to-day management sense.

These internet companies operate in a variety of commerce and service fields, such as advertizing, segmentation, branding, client relations, complementary apps and so forth.
What all these companies have in common is their need to enrich their current managerial decision-making process with professional legal counseling that exposes the potential implications of every twist in the business tale.

Adv. Dror Harel counsels a successful, leading internet company that collaborates with many foreign companies worldwide.
Thanks to methodical, professional work by the company’s management alongside the legal counseling, assistance in negotiations and handling contracts the company draws in English vis-à-vis its business partners, the company managed to claim a stake in its relevant markets and create a sound, solid business activity that yields continuous handsome profits.

The company specializes in creating exclusive, authentic and viral contents that yield millions of views on social media and thus exposes the clients’ brands and business activity.
The company also manages digital assets worth millions of Dollars and uses them as an advertizing platform for brands and businesses.

Handling professional negotiations with business partners and insisting on fundamental contractual clauses that award the company necessary rights for its business stability in Israel are what drives the stakeholders to keep acting as promised with full steam and professionalism.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn what adv. Dror Harel and his team could do for you internet or high-tech company in Israel.

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